Rebranding a Product

A company has a good brand, recognized all over the world and sold in the hundreds of millions why would they want to change their name, their image or their marketing direction? Remember when Coke became New Coke? I switched to Pepsi and never went back. Changing a brand can be a disaster as Coke […]

Business Economics – Pricing Strategies

Have you ever wondered if there was some reason behind a business pricing a product or service? Many books have been written about it and  economists say there’s a science behind it. Here’s the top 15 pricing strategies: Penetration Pricing  – Low Price/High Volume, e.g. Walmart Market Skimming – High Price/ Low Volume, e.g. Tiffany’s […]

Pricing Your Product or Service

Pricing your products or service is a strategic tool, even a weapon in a good marketer’s hand. Pricing will make or break your business in a heartbeat. Imagine not knowing your costs and selling a large inventory of product 3 times cheaper than the total cost of selling them- ouch! You’d be out of business […]