Your business name is something you might be stuck with for a long time. It should be carefully thought out and a lot of things you may not have considered should be taken into account. Here are a few things that I teach in my Marketing series that might give you some ideas for a better business name;

1. Does it incorporate a descriptive element, unique element and a defining element

  • E.g. Blistex Pharmaceuticals Inc.

2. Is it unique to be identifiable to customers , clear and recognizable factors

3. Does it exhibit the right image, professional or otherwise intended

  • Stonebridge consulting exhibits power and longevity

4. Does it exhibit size correctly, e.g. sounds bigger than it is or smaller than it should be

5.  Does the name have legs for expansion

  • Omni Clothing versus Omni Kids Wear

6.  Does it take into account cultural differences

  • Asians may call ‘Golden Restaurant or Win Win enterprises but seems silly in Canada

7. Can you secure the website to match the name

  • You can’t get for Interra Bio Management

8.  Can you secure a name that represents the business name w/o identifying it

  • takes you to Dubble Exxpress Go Ltd.

9.  Does a name really matter

  • a holding company can be a number

10. Do you really, really love the name, its yours for a long time

11. How does it sound when the client  answers the telephone

12. Is the spelling unusual, can it be found on the internet

  • Dubble Express Go Ltd.

13. Does the name have significance to the business owner and does it reflect that to the customer

14. Should you use your own name or is that too arrogant

  • Using your own name works if the client is a designer, professional or trying to get cachet from their name or reputation

15. Is there copyright infringement in the name and colours used? Can you use your invention as the company name and is it protected? A Vancouver Company can help with that here. (

16. Look at it from your Customers point of view

  • Does it sound interesting, reliable, familiar

17. Research the name for any past issues

  • Umbro called its premier running shoe Zyklon, later found out it was the gas the Germans used in Auschwitz

18. How about Numerology, hey anything to make it successful

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  1. makes me think of …
    1) “McDonalds” hamburgers
    2) “wendys” hamburgers

    their name (in some cases not necessarily these) and their product. about as short and sweet as you can get…also used in things like,
    “Bill’s” flyfishing and tackle etc.

    FYI – On topic # 3 you may have wanted the word “image” ?

    Ok, Ok, I liked the suggestions !!!

    Thanks for posting,

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