new bizzo logo1. Find a Way to Connect (Be Persistent) 
I know a guy who sells stuff like printing, promo stuff, telemarketing etc. He used to call me every month for 5 years to try to sell something in his arsenal of products and services. I kept telling him no but he was relentless. One day he called and offered me telemarketing services, I bought it, he now does work for me regularly. Unlike him, if I don’t see progress in 2  meetings towards a job I move on.

2. Your Phone Pitch – Be able to get your pitch out in under 40 seconds when talking on the phone, if you need to explain it for 5 minutes they won’t get it

3. Have standards  you need to manage your time, the way you operate your business and the way people see you both in person and online.

4. Clients versus Customers I prefer to call the people I work with Clients, it seems classier and seems to represent longevity versus a one-off customer experience

5. Talk Sense to Your Clients  Be totally honest with them, there’s no room for BS in any business relationship. I’ve told people when I thought I shouldn’t work for them and told them when I thought our sessions were not being useful any longer. Client are not merely a dollar sign.

6. Get to the Point  If you think you are meeting to talk about a business deal and it’s all about having a friendly coffee, make sure you are aware of that in the beginning. I have coffee with friends and clients.

7. Be Confident  I have clients who I admire and like but when they go into a meeting the first thing they tell a prospective client is that they are new and inexperienced, ahggh. We’re working on that one.

8. Negotiate Everything you do is negotiation from the time of your meeting to payment and everything in between. When you call for a meeting have a morning and an afternoon option on different days as options. Be ready for it.

9. Client is always Right  You are obviously not my client. If you want a yes man go somewhere else. Entrepreneurs need to hear the truth even when they don’t want to listen.

10. Time Management I’ve written about this a lot. Take care of your self and your life partner. If you can’t do it during the day your not doing something right  focus.

11. Engagement  If you’re poison is Meetups, go for it. I prefer morning networking events and online stuff because I like to be home at night with my wife. People who think they can make a successful business by being in a bubble are sadly mistaken.

12. Plan If you don’t have a plan, a serious business plan, go back to working for someone.

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