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Gary Bizzo wrote "How to Start a Successful Business - The First Time" to address the issues and problems his clients faced in setting up a business through to the day to day operations of their businesses. Helping small businesses is his passion. Why This Book? He wanted to write a book that would allow new entrepreneurs ease of entry into the business world.  Read more!


The obvious person who should read my book (you noticed I used should) is the youthful entrepreneur wanna-be who knows they have an idea bubbling in their youthful brain, can’t find a job in any field or maybe they are unemployable, but that usually happens later in life.

As I ponder, I realize my book wasn’t geared to a certain age bracket. I wrote it for those of us, at any age, who feel that they have something they want to do differently from the milieu, who want to be their own boss and determine their own future and yes, those who can’t find a ‘job’ in a chosen field.

As I went deeper I realized there are mainly two distinct age groups; the 25-39 age group (hey at 40 it all changes anyway) and the over 55 age group. Read the rest of this entry

15 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter

twitterA lot of my contemporaries don’t get Twitter and other Social Media, heck some of them still struggle with email. It’s a sad state of affairs but then I have always been an early adopter and slightly ahead of my friends on anything Internet related. Twitter, after all, is simply a one-to-one communications platform built around conversations. With over 500 million users and 10,000 new followers a day it can’t be ignored.

Twitter is easy to navigate and you can ‘get it ‘ within minutes of joining. Check some easy terms about Twitter here.

I wrote a recent blog on Social Media & It’s Impact on Business but thought I’d get more specific as to why you should be on Twitter.

  1. Targeted Followers – A lot of Twitter accounts with high followers get them nefariously and often many are fake accounts or frivolous. I know here mine come from, the niche they are from, what time of day is best to reach them and what content appeals to them. My target is entrepreneurs, small business and those influencers around them. With a strategic plan Read the rest of this entry

Entrepreneur1. Entrepreneurship is in Your DNA.

I gave a speech to a room of immigrants and a little old South Asian woman asked me if it was too late for her to start a business. I asked her if there were children on the street where she lived in Vancouver. When she said there were many, I suggested an afterschool care program for older kids. Bring in 3 or 4 and make a business out of it. She started her little business at 89. Some people are better at figures than me, some better at planning than me but we all have our strengths. Combined it seems like they are ‘born’ entrepreneurs but those people have just combined talent with enthusiasm and learned skills better than others. No they are not born that way. It’s like saying “the Beatles were an overnight success” even though they were turned down several dozen times by record companies.


2. You Are Your Boss.

Holy crow, when you are trying to sell the world your product and service and you sell out at any opportunity to make a sale do you really think you’re in control. Every client or customer will tell you what they want, when and often for how much. Read the rest of this entry

baconWe all hate higher prices gas, food, accomodations; you name it. The higher pricing of products seems to have reached people’s threshold and they are not taking it anymore. You know why I know that? Simple.


I’ve noticed that prices are edging slightly higher all the time but more importantly portions are getting smaller. Living in Canada I know that a pound of bacon weighs 454 grams not 400 or 500 – its precisely 454. Imagine my shock when I went to my favorite Safeway to buy my pound of bacon for Sunday breakfast and noticed it felt a little lighter. Hmm, the price was the same form the week before but the portion of it was 300 grams – good 154 grams lighter. For you Americans that’s about a 5 ½ oz hamburger patty or a Big Mac.  This is significant and I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. Read the rest of this entry

1. Be Engaged on Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn all allow you varying degrees of engagement with potential customers. The immediacy of Twitter and it’s vast reach or the subdued more personal Facebook are great places to start telling people what you do. If you are not an active engager on social media close your doors now!

2. Personal One-on-Ones
Meetups, networking events and other places where people gather are your scene for immediate engagement with potential clients. Don’t oversell yourself but simply tell people what you do and if my theory of networking works sometime in the near future they will remember you when someone asks them about a person with experience in your field. Read the rest of this entry

cactus-club-logoI was sitting in a Cactus Club Restaurant enjoying a couple of glasses of a nice Malbec with my wife on a Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, people were enjoying their light fare and I commented to my wife on how a 9oz glass of Malbec at $14 a glass was excessive. She sensed my next move and looked at me and said, “Go ahead”. I grabbed my iPad and opened one of my fav apps, Foursquare.

If you aren’t familiar with Foursquare it helps you find the perfect places to go with friends, discover the best food, nightlife, and entertainment in your area. It allows you to input photos, ‘likes’ and comments. I signed in and found the Cactus Club listing.  Note that users, not the businesses, enter most of the listings so some establishments may not even be aware that they are listed.  Read the rest of this entry

Customer Service – Do We Expect Too Much?

PrintDo we expect too much of our retailers in an age where everything is demanded NOW? I think so but who is to blame? In my little area of Vancouver my family likes to order delivery from a Canadian icon, Boston Pizza, owned by a titan of industry Jim Treliving. The food is reasonably priced and whets the appetite. I’ve ordered several times form this one location with varying results. The food is always good but a month ago the delivery guy didn’t show up for work Read the rest of this entry

lyman lures

Lyman Fishing Lures is a remarkable story of entrepreneurism. Lyman was the first name of a local Okanagan resident, Lyman Dooley; in the late 1940s he had  a passion for a hobby making handmade wooden plugs or lures. His hobby became so popular with local fishermen that he turned it into a business. Most entrepreneurs realize their dream this way by turning a hobby into a profitable enterprise. Sixty-five years later the international lure company is still flourishing. It has gone through a few different owners with each owner adding something to the development of a world-class fishing accessory.

Enter my long time friend, Colin Redisky, a former Vancouverite, but now living in West Kelowna since 2001. He had been working for a large company and he saw an opportunity, in 2009 he bought Lyman Lures from a family Read the rest of this entry

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