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Gary Bizzo wrote "How to Start a Successful Business - The First Time" to address the issues and problems his clients faced in setting up a business through to the day to day operations of their businesses. Helping small businesses is his passion. Why This Book? He wanted to write a book that would allow new entrepreneurs ease of entry into the business world.  Read more!

over50over50 and I’ve been thinking of the demographic reach of my book.

The obvious person who should read my book (you noticed I used should) is the youthful entrepreneur wanna-be who knows they have an idea bubbling in their youthful brain, can’t find a job in any field or maybe they are unemployable, but that usually happens later in life.

As I ponder, I realize my book wasn’t geared to a certain age bracket. I wrote it for those of us, at any age, who feel that they have something they want to do differently from the milieu, who want to be their own boss and determine their own future and yes, those who can’t find a ‘job’ in a chosen field.

As I went deeper I realized there are mainly two distinct age groups; the 25-39 age group (hey at 40 it all changes anyway) and the over 55 age group. Read the rest of this entry

CecilePageImageGuest Blogger- Cecile Peterkin

Change management is a well-defined approach that aims to ensure that whatever changes are implemented in an organization will be thoroughly planned and smoothly applied. Most importantly, this approach should guarantee that the benefits of the change will be lasting and will be achieved.

It is very easy to misunderstand the objective of change management. Basically, it focuses on what the likely effects of change are, especially on the members of the organization and how these individuals can transition from their current situation to a new one. You might be wondering what kind of change we are referring to here. Well, change here could be a simple process change, Read the rest of this entry

emmaGuest Blogger – Emma Siemasko is the content marketing specialist at Grasshopper, the entrepreneur’s phone system. She loves providing resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is the author of JUMP: The Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Business.

You worked hard, whether it was a month ago or a decade ago, to establish your brand DNA – your organization’s vision, mission and values. That unique business identity sets the backdrop for your internal structure, and guides your external decisions.

But it can do much more.

There is no shortage of strategy for widening your sales funnel, but the best way to expand your business is not to do more. It’s to refocus on less.

Here are three killer ways to leverage your brand’s DNA to grow your marketshare. Read the rest of this entry

CecilePageImageWhen it comes to hiring personnel, businessmen take into consideration not only the skills and competency of the candidates, but also the kind of relationship they have or will have with their potential employees. However, when the people involved in a business are related to one another, the factor that plays a bigger role in hiring is the relationship between the employer and the employee. Of course, the intentions are good, but this doesn’t guarantee that the business will benefit from the fact that a family is running the business. In fact, this causes higher business risk and may even damage relationships among family members.

Common Problems Caused by Hiring Family Members Read the rest of this entry

Micromanaging Your Small Business

MicromanagerWikipedia defines micromanagement “as a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Micromanagement generally has a negative connotation”.

I’m doing some consulting, actually PR, for a small business with 18 employees in Vancouver. I go on my merry way and meet clients on behalf of this company on a regular basis. I enjoy the work but find working with the owners a bit daunting. They are micromanagers.

The President has put together a formidable business Read the rest of this entry

Creating an Effective Business Card

Guest Blogger: Cecile Peterkin, – Toronto

CecilePageImage What Does It Take to Create an Effective Business Card?

When it comes to marketing a business, business cards can be considered as one of the most effective and simplest tools entrepreneurs can utilize. Whether you are to meet a potential client or vendor for the very first time, participating in a business event, or even hosting a business seminar, you should never go without a properly designed business card that contains details about your company and the products or services you are offering. But you also have to mind how you design your card. Take into consideration the industry you are in, your target audience, and most specially the identity of your own business.

Here are some points to remember when designing your business card: Read the rest of this entry

Bizzo Nominated for the BDC Mentorship Award

bdcI’m proud to be nominated for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) Mentorship Award for 2014 .

“BDC teamed up with the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) to find Canada’s top business mentors. The BDC Mentorship Award recognizes a Canadian business mentor credited by their peers for having provided valuable advice and support, through a significant commitment of time and effort that has led to the creation and growth of Canadian companies by building their mentees’ professional skills and abilities.”

CYBF helps more than 700 young Canadian launch businesses in all sectors and industries every year, providing pre-launch coaching, online business resources, financing and mentoring to be successful.

The winner will be announced in May 2014 at CYBF’s Action Entrepreneurship: Growing Young Enterprise Canadian Summit in Toronto, Ontario.

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Business Day

habitsI write things down on sticky notes and find them stuck to my shoe. I hate making phone calls but don’t mind speeches. I forgive everyone which means I have little angst and lots of friends. Seriously, some things can help you and your business.

Here are some things to do on a regular basis and hopefully they will become good habits for your business.

  1. Write everything down, especially things you are avoiding. Use a daily log, Google Docs or sticky notes but do it. You can’t afford to be a procrastinator in your business.
  2. Steel yourself, trick yourself or whatever you need to do to make the phone or sales calls you need to make.
  3. Don’t be afraid to call anyone even if you think they are ‘too far up the food chain’. You would be surprised how easy it is to reach some people who can benefit your business. Read the rest of this entry
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