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ar-bizzo-3-lr-cropI want to work with you. I’m a mentor, startup specialist and a CEO for Hire.

I have a strong Brand. I’m well known as a Coach/Mentor, comfortable with who I am, where I am and what I do.

A close friend asked me what I Love to do.

1. I love working with, hanging out with, talking to and speaking about Small Business owners, either helping them during startup, fixing them when they need help or managing them for a time (CEO for Hire) until they are better. I’ve worked with over 1000 startups, business leaders and investors.

2. I love Social Media and am one of the top Social Media Influencers in Canada. I’ve spoken before the House of Commons on social media and have helped enact changes in Canadian law. My philosophy with social media is one person can make a difference.

3. The last one is Writing; it’s a passion. I love to blog, teach, pass information to those who need it, share a wealth of knowledge gained from years of doing it and sharing my knowledge of business through magazines and books.

I’m one of the most approachable guys you will ever meet and our first discussion is always free. I hope you will gain some knowledge from my BizBlog, share issues with me and one day allow me to work with you.

Is Your Business DYING Because You Don’t Want or Can’t Ask for Help? I Can Help!
Are You Unsure of Your Next Business Move? I Can Help!
I’m a Certified Business Counsellor, Mentor and CEO for Hire and YES I have been there and done that!

I’m open to anyone sending me comments on anything I say on BizBlog. These are my opinions and some may best be said in private but that’s not me.