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Gary Bizzo wrote "How to Start a Successful Business - The First Time" to address the issues and problems his clients faced in setting up a business through to the day to day operations of their businesses. Helping small businesses is his passion. Why This Book? He wanted to write a book that would allow new entrepreneurs ease of entry into the business world.  Read more!


The obvious person who should read my book (you noticed I used should) is the youthful entrepreneur wanna-be who knows they have an idea bubbling in their youthful brain, can’t find a job in any field or maybe they are unemployable, but that usually happens later in life.

As I ponder, I realize my book wasn’t geared to a certain age bracket. I wrote it for those of us, at any age, who feel that they have something they want to do differently from the milieu, who want to be their own boss and determine their own future and yes, those who can’t find a ‘job’ in a chosen field.

As I went deeper I realized there are mainly two distinct age groups; the 25-39 age group (hey at 40 it all changes anyway) and the over 55 age group. Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Upset Angel Investors

My partner and I are members of the VanTec (Vancouver Tech Angels). I’m standing in a room full of Angel Investors and, of course, the talk is always about finance, cool projects they have found and new deals they would like to share with the rest of us. I guess when startups are looking at an Angel for investment they don’t realize that these angels are using their own money, not monopoly money.

A typical Angel might be invested in 10 or so projects with some risk but not enough to take them down. They may invest in upwards of 30 projects with the assumption they will ‘average down’ and have a big win with one company. They get the same excitement that some of you get playing penny stock or in an odd way, shopping at fleamarkets – you never know what to expect

One of the conversations that is universal and always comes up is the naivety or lack of knowledge startup founders have Read the rest of this entry

Angel Investors Alive & Well in Vancouver

logo ACAMy partner, Jason Butcher and I just attended the North West Angel Capital Association conference in Vancouver. Sponsored in part by our own #Vantec (Vancouver Tec Angels) and the Angel Forum it brought in great people from North Dakota, Montana, Washington and Oregon to talk about funding entrepreneurs.

It is our favorite topic since Jason and I opened our Business Incubator, startup accelerator and venture capital firm in May. Heck, our offices aren’t even open yet and we are negotiating deals, meeting businesses needing help and startups needing help.

Wikipedia says An angel investor or angel (also known as a business angel or informal investor or angel funder) is an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.” Angel investment is a common second round of financing for high-growth start-ups.  Read the rest of this entry

A Challenge

starbucksI was in the line at Starbucks yesterday and my friend bought us both drinks and ordered a Gift Card as well. After he paid for the drinks and card he passed the card over to the cashier and said buy coffees for people with the card until it’s gone and we left.

I felt great just being with him –wow – a simple act of kindness and anonymous. I’ve bought coffees for the person behind me in line every once in awhile but it sometimes felt weird especially if the person behind was a young woman several decades younger than me. I felt like a perv.

This anonymous thing sounded better so today I bought a gift card, filled it up and gave it back to be dispensed to the next coffee drinkers. It felt great. The manager, Hilton, said hey Gary, yesterday was Pay it Forward day, lol. Go figure!

Try it! It will make you feel great.

Kickstart Business Catalyst


Jason Butcher and Gary Bizzo announce the formation of Kickstart Ventures Inc., a Venture Capital, Business Incubator and Accelerator for Vancouver Business Startups at 1633 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver.

Kickstart Ventures Inc. dba Kickstart Business Catalyst provides entrepreneurs with education, mentorship, promotion mechanisms, market development, and capital, among other offerings. There is a gap that is identified at the very earliest stage of the investment pipeline – proper business skills training.

Jason Butcher, CEO, specialist in International Trade and Development is in the business of empowering and building lives. Over the past 20 years, he has started, managed and operated dozens of technology and business ventures in Canada, Australia, Europe, the USA and the Caribbean.

Butcher’s experience in capital markets, business accelerators and raising global venture capital is extensive.

Gary Bizzo, Chief Operating Officer, is a Business Startup Specialist. He has been a Mentor & Business Coach to over 1000 business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs. His latest book, “How to Start a Successful Business – The First Time!” is on Amazon. Bizzo’s book “Disruptive Technologies & Their Influence on Small Business” notes how business needs to keep abreast of changing technologies with the opportunities it represents.

Bizzo was a National Finalist in the 2014 BDC Mentorship Award and his book was nominated for the International 2014 Small Business Book Awards. He was a Nominee for the 2014 Small Business Influencer Award. Entrepreneur Magazine said Bizzo was one of “27 Masters of Marketing & PR, Entrepreneurs Can Learn From

Bizzo and Butcher are both mentors to Futurpreneurs that helps aspiring young entrepreneurs launch businesses in Canada.

Need help? We have the knowledge, training, mentoring and the financing for your Business. We are open to participants, sponsorships, mentors, investors and the community – Join Us!

IMG_2113We recently started a new business, Kickstart Business Catalyst, a startup incubator, accelerator and venture-funding vehicle for entrepreneurs. We offer professional coaches, mentoring, workshops, events and equity funding to high growth businesses. My experience is in management training, operations, mentoring and coaching.

I’m a firm believer in ‘not doing it alone’ so, Jason Butcher, is my ultimate partner who complements my skills. Over the past 20 years, Jason started, managed and operated dozens of ventures in Canada, Australia, Europe, the USA and the Caribbean. His understanding of financing options and access to startup funding is an entrepreneurs dream. He is a ‘Dragon’ in his own right. Read the rest of this entry

crowd on trainCrowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. (Wikipedia)

I’ve written a lot about financing your business, specifically a ‘start-up’. A VC friend of mine and I are building a Business Incubator and Accelerator to help small startups get the training and money they need to operate and grow.

One of our products is a method of Crowdfunding that will work for everyone but crowdfunding is a bit of a minefield at times as anyone having gone through a campaign will attest.

Crowdfunding campaigns are usually divided into 2 types when it comes to raising money Read the rest of this entry

startup-600x600-600x600Small business needs support. There has never been a better time to secure finance and training depending on where the new business is in its stage of development.

The level at which a company seeks help from an outside supplier of programming and finance can be split up into two areas.

An incubator offering support and training works for beginning entrepreneurs while an accelerator works with advanced workshops and venture capital financing to a growing business.

There is a huge gap in the VC/Startup area. There is a lack of early investment with micro loans from $15, 20 up to $50k. Smaller funds that can handle early stage deals have been missing.  Read the rest of this entry

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